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Images of iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock
Images of iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock
Images of iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock
  • “All in one” Clock radio dockEasy to see Clock display, Wake to Music, Easy to use Dual Alarm/Sleep

  • Refreshing DesignUplift Space saving structure, Value-added design

  • New Dock Connection StructureDock-able with new iPod models with carrying case on Stable operation while its on dock

  • Built-in tunerCatch your favourite radio show with the built-in FM/AM tuner. Digital tuning and 30 station presets

  • Alarm functionsConvenient alarm functions to suit any lifestyle - dual alarm, sleep timer and snooze button

  • Auto-time synch (with D-Sappli)By docking your iPhone to the speaker dock, the app automatically syncs the Date/Time/Time Zone to the dock with your iPhone setting.

  • Radio Preset station list (with D-Sappli)The app shows the list of Preset stations memorized in each Tuner. The list can be sorted and edited by using app GUI.

  • Dual Alarm setting (with D-Sappli)The app supports the easy set up on dual alarm, choosing your favourite wake-up music from iPhone, Radio, and buzzer. Also capable of showing both alarm setting at the same time

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