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Images of Stereo Microphone

Crisp, clear stereo sound

Your HD video clips deserve a sparkling soundtrack. Slipping straight onto your camera's accessory shoe, this sensitive microphone picks up dialogue and other sounds with superb clarity.

More audio, less noise

Enjoy far better results than your camera or camcorder's built-in microphone. The mounting isolator cuts distracting mechanical noise from the camera and lens. There's also a supplied windshield that reduces noise in gusty conditions outdoors.

Selectable directivity

The microphone's directional characteristics help pinpoint dialogue and sounds in front of the camera. Directivity can also be selected to pick up ambient sounds from all around you.

Light, stylish and easy to carry

The light, compact microphone won't weight you down. It's powered directly by your camera's accessory shoe, so there's no need for any batteries. The discreetly stylish design enhances your camera's good looks.

  • Detachable stereo microphone captures high quality audio during HD video shooting

  • Connects to smart accessory shoe

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