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Images of 1R Headphones
Images of 1R Headphones
Images of 1R Headphones

The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, while advanced technologies such as digital upscaling help create the ultimate listening experience.

Sound that stays true

Mixed by today's music masters

The MDR-1R has been made for today's music with the help of leading music artists. Pumping basslines and high notes are heard as they were intended.

Designed by artists

Whether you're listening to dubstep, R&B, or house, the headphones hit the right frequencies thanks to a creative partnership with Sony Music artists.

4Hz to 80kHz

Ultra wideband audio range

From bass so low that you can only feel it to the highest of possible frequencies, the HD driver unit extends audio from 4Hz to a piercing 80kHz.

HD Driver Unit with enlarged vents

Powerful driver units are crucial in meeting the sub-bass range of contemporary music. The high definition 40mm drivers have large vents for quick bass response.

40mm liquid crystal diaphragm

Hit the high notes

For vocals and other mid-high range notes to sound true, the MDR-1R features a 40mm liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm for rigidity and lightness.

For long hours in the studio

Wear the MDR-1R headphones all day long without any discomfort to your head. The headphones are made with pressure relieving cushions for longer listening.

Pressure relieving cushions

Hear nothing but your music

Wrap around design

Seal out exterior noise

A wrap around design filters noise while offering a stable fit.

Silent silicon ring joints

Silent joints

Soft silicon rings in the earcup joints minimise interference.

Tangle free headphone cables

Putting an end to tangles

The headphone's cables have grooves that reduce friction making them less likely to get tangled when loose in your bag.

  • Created with leading music industry figures

  • Improved HD driver unit and vent design

  • 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer Film diaphragm

  • Pressure-relieving cushions tailored to fit the ears

  • Design that seals off the ear to make sure bass is heard

What's in the Box

Carrying pouch, Connection cord, Operating instructions

Learn about energy saving features and our commitment to a more sustainable future. Visit our eco website


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