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Images of Personal 3D Viewer
Images of Personal 3D Viewer
Images of Personal 3D Viewer
Images of Personal 3D Viewer
Images of Personal 3D Viewer
Images of Personal 3D Viewer
Images of Personal 3D Viewer

Step inside another world of 3D

The Personal 3D Viewer immerses you in your games and movies. OLED screens with a 45° field of vision and surround sound create an extraordinary sensory experience.

720p High Definition for each eye

Games and movies appear better than on TV thanks to fast response OLED screens. Each high resolution screen displays 720p of rich colour and sharp detail.

Cinema quality 3D

Your own 3D cinema

Feel absorbed into the 3D experience of the viewer. Two separate HD screens allow 3D images and motion to appear with cinema-level quality.

A 360° surround sound experience

Choose between audio, gaming, surround sound or cinema modes for an outstanding experience in 5.1 channel virtual surround sound.

5.1 channel virtual surround sound

Enhanced viewing

Game without the blur

The clear mode sharpens sequences and reduces motion-blur.

Stress free movie viewing

The colour temperature adjustment gradually lowers temperatures.

24p True Cinema

Cinema the way the director intended

Unlike standard TV, the 3D viewer is able to use the same 24 frames per second rate that films are shot in, meaning that you get to see movies as they were intended.

Viewing that suits you

Enjoy total immersion for hours at a time

The fully adjustable viewer weighs just 330g, so it's comfortable to wear for hours at a time. The detachable light shields complete the total block out experience.

The headphones you prefer

The viewer’s audio jack allows you to use whatever headphones you find most comfortable. The harmonic equalizer in the viewer restores detail lost in compression.

Choose your own headphones

The best seat in the house

The viewing angle of the 3D viewer goes beyond the standard 30° to a wide view of 45°. That's like watching a 3.8m screen from a distance of 3.7m.

  • Full HD quality images in 2D or 3D

  • High response OLED screens for each eye

  • Virtual 5.1 surround sound system

  • 24p True Cinema shows films at 24 frames per second

  • A clear mode reduces motion-blur for gamers

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