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Picture of Multi-Use Premium Batteries (AAA)

Multi-Use Premium Batteries (AAA)

Multi-Use PremiumAAA

Picture of Multi-Use Premium Batteries (AAA)

2-piece Blister Pack/ 800mAh|4-piece Blister Pack/ 800mAh|2-piece Blister Pack/ 850mAh|4-piece Blister Pack/ 850mAh|

Images of Multi-Use Premium Batteries (AAA)
  • Sony NiMH precharged multi use rechargeable batteries 900mAh size AAA. 4pcs pack.

  • These batteries are the alternative to alkaline batteries, last up 3 times longer than Alkaline battery, 1000 times rechargeable, pre charged.

  • Ideal for multi usage devices: mice, remote controllers, cordless phones, clocks

  • Renewable and reusable, Sony rechargeable NiMH batteries are a good economic and environmental choice.

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