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Leap forward with 4K football

Sony 4K brings the energy of the stadium to you
FIFA Official 4K TV

Be Moved

Finally, a TV that shows every blade of grass

José Andrade (Grounds keeping Manager, Ituano Stadium)

For real fans, every detail matters

“Real football fans appreciate the importance of field conditions, which affect the flow of the game. We groundskeepers condition the grass to change the game”.

José Andrade (Grounds keeping Manager, Ituano Stadium)

A millimetre of difference can change the game

“Long grass slows players. Water on short grass makes the ball slide more. Rough grass is hard to grip, forcing players to step harder. Even a millimetre matters, so physical strength rules the game”.

José Andrade (Grounds keeping Manager, Ituano Stadium)

See the direction of every blade of grass

Watching the game on a 4K BRAVIA®, I was amazed to see each blade of grass clearly, including the difference between thick and sparse patches. I can’t cut corners. I’ll be pleased to see more fans taking notice of my work”.

4K picture quality brings out every detail

Our 4K TVs provide spectacular detail even on HD broadcasts. By up-scaling image quality with our unique 4K X-Reality PRO technology, it brings you 4x the original resolution of HD broadcasts.

  • See every detail
  • See each expression
  • See better night games

Feel the thunder of the stadium.

Antonio Oliveira (Ultra, big fan of football, for 40 years)

Experience the game in every sense

“Fans like me are hooked on the energy generated at the stadium. The sound is different. You can feel it with all your senses, and deep in your soul. No other place gives me that feeling”.

Lifelike sound that surrounds you

“The chants of fans feel like thunderous heartbeats. You hear roars for goals, booing at bad plays, players kicking the ball, coaches directing and the clang of the ball hitting the crossbar”.

Excitement just like the stadium

“The sound far surpassed my expectations. It even made me stand! I feel the booing in my bones; the stadium's resonance. Now I watch at home with the same enthusiasm as being behind the goal”.

Live Football Mode brings stadium sound home

Simply press the “Football” button on your remote to simulate the dynamic feeling of being at the game. The “live sound” effect is based on acoustic measurements directly from the stadium.

  • Stadium-like live sound
  • Feel the audience’s reaction
  • Hear the sounds on the field

Even if you’re home alone, it doesn’t mean you are alone.

Douglas Boschetti (Owner of Estancia sports bar)

Fans come to connect, not just watch

“For us Brazilians, watching a football match together is our culture. That’s why there’s a need for a place like mine where fans can come together, cheer, and connect while watching”.

Douglas Boschetti (Owner of Estancia sports bar) 

Watching the game brings people together

“When watching your team with other fans, you cheer together and boo together. You have heated debates that make the game more interesting”.

Douglas Boschetti (Owner of Estancia sports bar)

The buzz of the bar, at home

“4K BRAVIA® lets fans around the world connect. I watched while talking with a friend far away. It’s the same thing my bar does, only better. Heated debates on screen were just as intense!”

Excitement from around the world

Watch the game with fans from around the world while displaying video chats and live tweets on the same large screen.

  • Support the team with fans worldwide
  • Enjoy memorable scenes together
  • Watch the game together with friends

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

Sony One Stadium 4K Experience

See how the Sony 4K experience connects you to the excitement of the stadium and fans around the world.